Christian Vision

We are each unique and beautiful and together we make a masterpiece.

Luke’s gospel speaks of a tiny mustard seed growing into a tree symbolising Jesus’ offer of refuge and life in God’s Kingdom. We see our school as an extension of that tree symbolising a safe welcoming haven with room for everyone to grow in a way that suits them. This reflects our local context and a strong reputation for working with children and adults with different needs and from diverse backgrounds and communities.

Our Christian vision

This vision is rooted in values including kindness, compassion, connection, belonging, hope, and aspiration, emphasising the power of fellowship in achieving greater heights together than we ever could alone.

We believe this approach enables our children to be literate, numerate and have a deep understanding of the world around them so they not only function in society but flourish, thrive and make a positive difference in a dynamic and evolving world. 

This theologically rooted Christian vision builds on the Church of England’s vision to educate for ‘life in all its fullness‘ (John 10:10) and complements our Trust's vision to create a culture where flourishing together empowers wisdom, wonder and positive well-being.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to give every child  attending our school the best possible education. This is driven by a vision that recognises and values the contribution each of us can make regardless of our backgrounds or starting points so that individuals within our community grow to be wise, thoughtful and knowledgeable citizens.

We are guided by a set of beliefs, principles and values that inform and shape our commitment to providing our children with a great start to life at school. It is our belief that for children and adults to truly flourish and live life in all its fullness, we need to provide our young people with a learning environment, curriculum and supporting adults that acknowledge our individual uniqueness and collective potential.  

Our curriculum and ethos encourages both academic achievement and personal development where hope, aspiration, respect, empathy, compassion, and willingness to connect and contribute underpin all that we do and aspire to achieve. 

Living well

It is our foundation as a Church school to live our Christian vision in everything we do as an outward expression of the Christian faith. Embracing a distinctively Christian identity involves embodying the teachings of Jesus, honoring the inherent value and uniqueness of every person, and fostering a community where all can live well and support one another in their spiritual journey. 

Through scripture we learn that we are each unique and beautiful because God created humankind in His image. We are all given the gift of learning regardless of need, class, race, gender, or disability and when we come together in fellowship, we teach each other things, inspire each other and recognise we can achieve much more working in harmony than as individuals operating in isolation.

This theological anchor has profound implications not only for our actions and attitudes towards others underpinned by selfless kindness, compassion, connection, belonging, hope and aspiration but also the valuable contribution each of us can play to create a masterpiece in God’s earthly kingdom.