Class organisation

Stisted CE Primary Academy is a smaller than average Church of England school. We currently have 105 children split into 4 classes.

Children at Stisted Primary Academy are taught in mixed age classes known as vertical grouping. This is a typical arrangment in small village schools and had proved very successful for us enabling younger children imitate older and older children reinforce leadership skills by sharing their knowledge with the younger children. 

This arrangement supports our beleif that vertical grouping is part of children's natural development and that grouping children soley by their age is against our social nature as human beings. We believe that children should learn from their developmental starting point rather than their chronological age. Whilst we have a curriculum that identifies age related expectations, we know that children develop at different rates and vertical grouping enables the teacher to cater for these different needs and provide a more bespoke approach.

Our published Admission Number is 15 per year group. Children start off in a class of 15 pupils and then join classes of upto 30 pupile when year groups are mixed.

   The class structure is as follows: